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Explore the best combination of modernity and traditions in Abu Dhabi with Dubai Evening Safari.
The capital city of Abu Dhabi truly represents the cultural side of the region. It’s an amazing amalgamation between modernity and tradition, which is evident from its charismatic structures and sound infrastructure. The beautiful city ranks among the top tourist destinations as it attracts millions of visitors all around the year. Despite the element of modernity, the emirate has retained its unique charm and elegance. It has a rather laidback lifestyle, which is in contrast to Dubai’s fast-paced and urban lifestyle.

The laidback lifestyle doesn’t mean it’s devoid of world-class attractions, such as the ones in Dubai. In fact, the city has a long list of places to visit and explore, which keeps compelling visitors to come back to this place. There are cultural sites, huge shopping malls, entertainment zones, the manmade island (Yas Island), and many other places. Furthermore, the mesmerizing Abu Dhabi skyline deserves a special mention here.

Abu Dhabi City Trip Includes:

A Must-Visit Abu Dhabi Attractions.
We understand the capital city has a lot to explore. Therefore, we include as many attractions as we can so that the visitors get to experience the grandeur of this emirate in a limited time. Some of the main attractions included in the Abu Dhabi trip are:


  • Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque
  • Abu Dhabi Heritage Village
  • Presidential Palace
  • Emirates Palace
  • Qasr Al Watan
  • Yas Island Abu Dhabi
  • Ferrari World Abu Dhabi
  • Abu Dhabi Dates Market
  • Marina Mall Abu Dhabi

Pick and Drip Services:
At Dubai Evening Safari, we take great care of our clients’ comfort and convenience. Therefore, we offer to pick and drop services no matter where in the emirate they are located. Once you have booked your desired package, you will be picked up from your location on the scheduled date and dropped off after the trip has ended.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque:
One of the most popular attractions in the emirate, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is an architectural masterpiece showcasing Islamic design and architecture. It was built with the purpose to create a cultural haven in the capital city.

Abu Dhabi Heritage Village:
Abu Dhabi Heritage Village will take you on a unique journey into the traditional Bedouin lifestyle. Located at the Corniche Breakwater, it has plenty to do for residents. You can walk around this cultural site and explore the UAE’s rich history. There’s a traditional soul, a historic encampment, a mosque, and many other attractions at Abu Dhabi Heritage Village.

Presidential Palace:
Qasr Al Watan, the presidential palace, is a majestic cultural landmark that showcases the rich legacy of traditions and knowledge of the UAE.
It is more than simply a classic palace; it promotes cultural awareness of the country and emphasize its wonderful heritage. The architecture and design of Qasr Al Watan echo the importance and purpose of the remarkable exhibitions and landmark rooms contained inside its halls, making it an artistically designed monument to Arabian legacy and craftsmanship.

Emirates Palace:
Emirates Palace is a world-renowned hotel noted for its stunning Arabesque architecture, award-winning five-star hospitality, and delightfully distinctive and authentic local experiences. The hotel’s main building runs nearly a kilometer from wing to wing, while the gardens cover 100 hectares. Despite its central location in Abu Dhabi, the hotel is genuinely unique, with a 1.3-kilometer private beach, manicured pools, a private marina overlooking a luxury spa, a natural harbor, and some of the most highly-rated restaurants globally.

Marina Mall Abu Dhabi:
A shopper’s delight, Marina Mall nestles in itself with more than 400 retail shops along with some amazing family-centric attractions. It has approximately 122,000 square meters of magnificent retail space in one of the city’s most renowned and scenic neighborhoods.

Yas Island Abu Dhabi:
This iconic, family-friendly entertainment complex is only 30 minutes from the city center. An F1TM racing track, many theme parks, a lovely beach, exquisite hotels, a golf course, an impressive mall, and much more can be found on Yas Island. It’s the ideal destination for families with children of all ages, from toddlers to teenagers, looking for a fun-filled seaside vacation.

The Best Price.
Since there’s so much to do in Abu Dhabi, it’s not uncommon for visitors to go over budget. This, however, will not be a problem if you have selected Dubai Evening Safari. All our packages are priced reasonably and offer the best Abu Dhabi Trip experience.

Abu Dhabi Tour by Bus

Centralized Pick-Drop Locations in Dubai. All Days

125 AED / $

Key Advantage:

  • budget friendly
  • free transfer via shared bus
  • includes all standard services
  • no hidden costs

What You’ll Get:

  • Transfer by shared bus at locations.

    Spinneys Burjuman

  • Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque visit.
  • Sheikh Zayed Center visit.
  • Abu Dhabi Heritage Village
  • Visit to Local Souks and Dates Markets.
  • Emirates Palace – Tourist Access Area.
  • Qasr Al Watan – Tourist Access Area.
  • Presidential Palace – Tourist Access Area.
  • Yas Island (Outside Visit)
  • Ferrari World (Outside Visit) ?
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Abu Dhabi Trip by 4WD Cruiser

Pick-Drop by 4WD at Hotel-Residence all over in Du

450 AED / $

Key Advantage:

  • 4WD transfer at your location
  • includes ferrari world rides pass
  • no hidden costs

What You’ll Get:

  • Transfer by 4WD Cruiser from your residence.

    Maximum 6 passengers, includes entry pass to ferrari world for all travelers

  • Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Detailed Visit.
  • Sheikh Zayed Center Detailed Visit.
  • Abu Dhabi Heritage Village
  • Visit to Local Souks and Dates Markets.
  • Emirates Palace – Tourist Access Area.
  • Qasr Al Watan – Tourist Access Area.
  • Presidential Palace – Tourist Access Area.
  • Yas Island – 30 min stop for photos
  • Ferrari World (Full Access with Ferrari World Pass)
  • Bottled Water & Tea included.
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